Telling the UW Health Story: John Maniaci

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For John Maniaci, a class in college literally changed his life.


It was an intro to photography course, and after one particular assignment, his professor asked whether Maniaci had ever considered pursuing a career as a photographer. Since then, he's thought of nothing else.


Maniaci joined UW Health in 2009, after a career in newspapers. As the staff photographer, his role is to help tell the story of what happens every day throughout UW Health. Whether it is a surgical procedure, fundraising event, or photos for a publication, Maniaci hopes the spirit and strength of the patients are reflected in the images he takes.


Recently, Maniaci earned national awards for two photographs of patients of American Family Children's Hospital. He was awarded first place by the National Association of Children's Hospital and Related Institutions (NACHRI) for his photograph of patient Tyler Degand, and sixth place for a photograph of 19-month-old Savannah McCoy.


As he shares, some people think, "I have to do this, or I have to do that." For Maniaci, taking photos and telling the UW Health story is the best job in the whole place. When he wakes up, he thinks, "I get to do this. I get to go and photograph these people." And for him, it is truly an honor and privilege to do so.


Meet John through his own photos, and hear what being a staff photographer really means.


Telling the UW Health Story: John Maniaci


Telling the UW Health Story: John Maniaci, Staff Photographer


Date Published: 07/15/2011

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