Talking to Your Children About Sex

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Teenage girl and boyMADISON – "Mom and dad, where did I come from?"
Every young person will ask that someday, and parents may have a hard time coming up with an appropriate answer. 

Dr. Megan Moreno, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, says discussions between parents and children about sex should be open and honest.
She says discussions should be set up a little like business meetings: set aside time and get rid of distractions such as cell phones, computers or television. 
Moreno also advises against "lectures" on sex, and encourages parents to get feedback from their kids on what the young people have learned that may or may not be true.
"Don't consider this a talk; consider it a series," she says. "Start having these discussions as soon as your child starts asking questions and add more information to the conversation over time."

"Ask for their thoughts and opinions, ask what information they have heard from other sources, discuss your family's values, and why they are important," she says. 
Moreno also recommends parents direct their children to reliable sources such as a teacher, doctor, legitimate Web sites or books that may offer more information.

Date Published: 06/08/2009

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