July 14, 2014

Swimming in a waterproof cast

Broken bones are a common injury for children during the summer. It's important to help your child take care of the cast until it's time to get it removed.

The number one rule of casts is to keep them dry. This includes "waterproof" casts, too, since these cast are not really waterproof. The outer shell is water resistant, but the cast has openings on each end that lets in water. To prevent skin problems, your child should avoid water and keep the cast as dry as possible. If water gets underneath the cast it can hold the water next to your child's skin since the inside is slow to dry. Also, chlorine from pool water can burn the skin as the water evaporates. If your child's cast gets wet:

  • Use a hairdryer on the cool setting to speed drying.

  • If still wet after 24 hours, call us at (608) 263-6420.

If your child goes swimming:

  • Flush cast with tap water for 10 minutes to rinse out the chlorine.

  • Use hairdryer on the cool setting to speed drying.

  • Do not swim every day; allow the cast to dry for 24 hours before swimming again.

  • If still wet after 24 hours, you are in pain or see a rash under the cast, call us at (608) 263-6420.