SwedishAmerican, UW Health to Build Free-Standing Cancer Center

SwedishAmericanA new facet of UW Health’s affiliation with SwedishAmerican Health System in Rockford, Ill., was announced at a news conference January 6 in Rockford.


SwedishAmerican’s board of directors has approved a business plan to build and operate a free-standing outpatient cancer center in collaboration with UW Health and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.


The new SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center will offer services such as medical oncology, chemotherapy and infusion; advanced radiation therapy and medical imaging at one convenient location. Patients will have access to the latest clinical trials offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a full complement of holistic and support services for cancer patients.


The original affiliation between the two organizations was announced in 2010, with the goal to increase access to sophisticated sub-specialty health care for Rockford patients. Regional affiliations are part of UW Health’s strategic plan goal to be the premier provider of subspecialty care in Wisconsin and adjacent portions of bordering states.


James Dechene, interim president of University Health Care and senior vice president and general counsel of UWHC, represented UW Health at the event.


"A comprehensive cancer center is a special place that brings together all kinds of resources for the care of patients," he said. "At the UW Carbone Cancer Center, more than 280 physicians and scientists from many disciplines work collaboratively to translate research discoveries into new treatments for cancer patients. We look forward to working collaboratively with SwedishAmerican and sharing our cancer expertise with patients from throughout the northern Illinois region."


According to SwedishAmerican President and CEO Dr. Bill Gorski, the new center will benefit patients and families on many levels. “More than just a new building, the center will provide convenient access to both SwedishAmerican and UW Carbone Cancer Center specialists, as well as the most advanced treatments,” Gorski said.


The new center will be built on a 30-acre site on N. Bell School Road in Rockford, acquired from Landmark Group. Located in close proximity to I-90, the center will offer easy access to both local and regional patients.


SwedishAmerican is a not-for-profit, locally governed healthcare system, headquartered in Rockford, Illinois. Comprised of two hospitals, 30 clinics, a home health care agency and a foundation, it is affiliated exclusively with UW Health in northern Illinois. The relationship between the two health care systems also involves other regional strategies to enhance the delivery of care, advance medical research, grow regional telemedicine infrastructures and achieve seamless patient transfers and referrals between the two health systems.

Date Published: 01/26/2012

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