Summer Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator

A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout July:



Virginia Huber - 

Life is Good: On the Road


A Whole Hour for Slow Mo, by Virginia Huber Where: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J3/1 Carbone Center Waiting Room

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: June 27-Sept. 19


Image: A Whole Hour for Slow Mo, by Virginia Huber


"When I show paintings publicly, I choose the ones that are precise about what's going on with the human moment I happened to notice - and as I personally learned from it. I see art that I do as somewhat of a memory stimulant for other people's recollections. Many times, visitors relate back to me an entirely different moment that my painting suggested to them. Often, I leave backgrounds blank, when I think my own back story will get in the way of someone else's own recall. I hope my art contributes in some way to your own life moment. The spectrum - as I see it - goes from just a momentary smile of recognition to any other moment." - Virginia Huber







Cherie St. Cyr: Out of the UFO Box


Cherie St. Cyr, with one of her art quiltsWhere: UW Health at the American Center, 2nd Floor, American Bistro

4602 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, WI 53718

When: April 27-July 29

Image: Cherie St. Cyr, with one of her art quilts


As a textile designer and art quilter, I am frequently working on multiple projects and processes. I move fluidly from the dye room to the sewing room to my sit-down quilting machine. Things catch my fancy and I pursue them for a while and sometimes abandon them for months or years. I put them on hold into a box I call the UFO (Unfinished Objects) box. This body of work emerged joyously from these realms out of necessity. I generally have 50 quilts waiting for new homes however I have another show where they are all on display. I did a beeline to the UFO box and brought these beauties forth. They were all pulled from some forgotten past and completed between March 20 and April 22, 2019. They are hand dyed using Procion fiber reactive dyes. The layers of texture are derived from an assortment of resists including regular flour, sugar from Potatoes, clamps and a second and third application of dyes. The University of Wisconsin Hospital has purchased over 130 of my quilts.













The Five Painters


Homestead on Pflaum Road, by Donna Miller Where: Signe Skott Cooper School of Nursing, Enroth Hall
701 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53705

When: April 25-July 30

Image: Homestead on Pflaum Road, by Donna Miller


The Five Painters group was formed over 20 years ago. Although membership has changed slightly since its inception, the group continues to exhibit together in Madison and other Wisconsin locations. In addition to painting, the group is passionate about encouraging the love of art in others by supporting children and youth programs such as Bridging Generations and STAMP (Statewide Teen Art Mentor Program), endowing awards at the Wisconsin Regional Artists Program State Show and coordinating regional exhibits for the Wisconsin Regional Art Association.









Madison Art Guild Summer Salon


Joy, by Aileen Musa Where: University Hospital, C5/2 Surgical Waiting Area, E5/2 Hospital Entrance, Display Cases

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: June 2-Aug. 2


Image: Joy, by Aileen Musa


The Madison Art Guild (MAG) was founded in 1914. Since then, MAG's mission has been to contribute to and advance the appreciation of art in Madison. MAG provides local members the opportunity to interact with fellow artists, to receive and provide artistic encouragement, and to exhibit and sell their artwork. MAG is open to fine artists in Madison and the surrounding areas. New members are accepted on a jury basis twice per year.











Irene Olson


Spring Rituals, by Irene Olson Where: University Hospital 1st Floor, J5/1 Corridor and G5/1 Corridor

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: June 29-July 28


Image: Spring Rituals, by Irene Olson


"I emigrated to the United States in the mid-'60s from India. I practiced medicine here and throughout my life I have been interested in art. My paintings and sculptures reflect my love for both cultures, especially nature. I am influenced by color, action and the rhythms of everyday life in both countries. I love what I do." - Irene Olson









Joyce Gust


Evening Spirits, by Joyce GustWhere: University Hospital 2nd Floor, Atrium Way near Atrium elevators

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: July 1-31


Image: Evening Spirits, by Joyce Gust 


Winneconne artist Joyce Gust says of her work, "Creating art is my love, passion and joy. I wish to somehow help others with my work; to spiritually heal, to inspire, uplift and transcend the human condition."


Joyce has Multiple Sclerosis and Degenerative Spinal Disease. But, she says she is spiritually very well. Her theme is: Never give up hope!


More works by Joyce and many more artists can be seen at VSA Wisconsin Art Center, at Art Fair on the Square and online at VSA Wisconsin expands the capabilities, confidence and quality of life for people of all ages with disabilities by helping them explore, express and communicate through the arts. VSA Wisconsin offers statewide programming in dance, drama, music, visual arts and creative writing.

Date Published: 06/26/2019

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