Route 26 Service to The American Center

UW Health Madison Metro route 26 service to The American Center: A busMadison, Wisconsin - Patients and employees who want to save a little gas can now take advantage of Madison Metro's expanded service for route 26 serving The American Center.


Route 26 drops off at a stop right in front of The American Center facility, and runs every 30 minutes during the entirety of Madison Metro's service day.


During the week, the first route 26 bus leaves its East Towne Mall connection point at 6:34am, and the final route 26 leaves the same connection point at 9:57pm.


The schedule is slightly curtailed on weekends and holidays, with 30-minute-interval service beginning at 7:34am and ending at 9:27pm on Saturdays and at 8:34am and 9:27pm, respectively, on Sundays and holidays.


See the Route 26 service schedule


Estimated ride time from route 26's East Towne Mall connection point to The American Center is nine minutes. Riders can transfer to route 26 directly from routes 6, 20 and 30.


Find the Quickest Route


Use Google Maps to plot the best way to the American Center by bus, wherever your point of origin.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Directions link.
  3. Select the Transit icon (between the car and pedestrian) 
  4. Enter your point of origin in the Choose starting point field.
  5. Enter UW Health at the American Center in the Choose destination field.
  6. Select the Leave Now clock icon and select the Arrive By option.
  7. Enter the day and time by which you want to arrive at The American Center.

Result: Google Maps displays your route options.

Date Published: 05/26/2015

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