Response to CMS Information on Hospital-Acquired Conditions

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have released information on "hospital-acquired conditions," part of the CMS effort to share information about hospital performance on a variety of measures. This particular "snapshot" looks at eight aspects of performance among literally hundreds that are assessed and monitored by hospitals across the country.


The information is based on Medicare claims data and covers the 20-month period from October 2008 through June 2010. UW Health is part of this national effort to gather detailed information to improve the quality of care.


The kinds of events reported by CMS are very rare, but even low rates are valuable in showing us where to focus our efforts. Continuous quality improvement is just that – putting the best practices into place, measuring the outcomes and making changes are part of a process that must be built into a hospital's culture and viewed as a priority every day.


Hospital care today is a complex undertaking typically involving many caregivers performing different roles. As an institution, we welcome the opportunity to assess our performance and continually improve.


The CMS report is available at


Date Published: 03/31/2011

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