May 12, 2020

Recovered COVID-19 patient and her nurse develop special bond

Madison, Wis. — The special bond that often develops between patients and their nurses is by no means a new story, but the special connection and camaraderie between them has become even more meaningful during the COVID-19 crisis. At a time when infection control policies prohibit COVID-19 patients from having any visitors, nurses are providing a new level of support and are helping to facilitate the vital connection between patients and their loved ones.

On the final day of National Nurses Week, we are sharing the story of the special bond between Lona Towsley, a COVID-19 patient now recovering at home, and Britney Kershner, the nurse who helped Lona not only fight the disease, but also helped her find the hope and resiliency to do so.

Lona and Britney's Story

Recovered COVID-19 Patient and Her Nurse Develop Special Bond