August 2, 2022

Oncology rehabilitation department in northern Illinois earns distinction for cancer care

Rockford, Ill. – The UW Health Oncology Rehabilitation Department in northern Illinois earned a Center of Excellence Designation from the Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORi).

This specific designation is for the UW Health Regional Cancer Center at 3535 N. Bell School Road in Rockford, though therapists also see patients at several locations.

UW Health is one of only two PORi oncology rehab programs in Illinois and the only one in the northern Illinois area to attain this status.

This designation is the gold standard for oncology rehab and is based on the combined coursework and hands-on hours therapists complete, according to Dr. Lacey Stelle, medical director, UW Health Breast Program in northern Illinois.

“There has been a tremendous level of time and dedication toward earning the achievement of Center of Excellence Designation,” Stelle said. “I feel so privileged to work with all the team members who deliver such remarkable care every day to our breast health patients.”

The following is a list of therapists who helped earn the designation:

PORi Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist:

  • Alane Curry, PT (foundations course, chemotoxicities and exercise management and additional modules including breast cancer, pelvic and lower extremities cancers and head and neck cancers)

PORi Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Therapists:

  • Katie Netemeyer, SLP (foundations and head and neck cancers)

  • Jeff Delmundo, PT (foundations, head and neck cancers, breast cancer)

  • Miriam Ocillos, PT (foundations, breast cancer)

PORi Foundations Course Completion:

  • Bethany Hofman