News Archive 2016

12/16/2016Dementia and the Risk of Falls
12/15/2016Incidence of Consciousness During Surgery Lower Than Previous Estimates
12/14/2016How to Avoid Frostbite
12/14/2016Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness
12/13/2016Outdoor Exercise Options in the Winter
12/13/2016Yoga and Heart Health
12/12/2016Preventing Chronic Neck Pain
12/09/2016Generations Fertility Care Designated Nursing Center of Excellence
12/05/2016Crafting a Solution to Hobby-Related Hand Pain
11/30/2016State-of-the-Art Radiation Oncology on Madison's East Side
11/23/2016Eyes, Ears and Aging
11/21/2016Three UW Health RNs Named Among 'Madison's Top Nurses'
11/19/2016UW Health Employees Recognized for Commitment to Community
11/16/2016Shiva Bidar-Sielaff Named UW Health Chief Diversity Officer
11/15/2016How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?
11/15/2016SwedishAmerican President and CEO Announces Retirement
11/14/2016Helping Those Who Help Others
11/14/2016Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays
11/14/2016What Research Says About Preventing Alzheimer's
11/11/2016The Unique Needs of Older Adults with Cancer
11/09/2016From Puerto Rico to Madison: Treatment for a Rare Cancer
11/05/2016Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie
11/03/2016Connie Schulze joins UW Health as Director of Governmental Affairs
11/03/2016Talking It Out: Helping Doctors Have Difficult Conversations
11/03/2016Transitioning Through Life
10/28/2016How Setting the Clock Back Affects Your Health
10/25/2016UW Health Launches Menopause Clinic led by Nationally Certified Doctor
10/18/2016The Connection Between Emotions and Your Heart Health
10/17/2016Exercise Options for People with Limited Mobility
10/14/2016UW Health Partners to Provide Senior Preferred in Dane County
10/13/2016The Benefits of Group Exercise
10/11/2016Why Confidence Matters
10/06/2016Molecular Tumor Board Brings Precision Medicine to All Wisconsin Cancer Patients
10/06/2016University Hospital Recognized for "Higher Standard" of Heart Attack Care
9/30/20162016 Working Mother of the Year: Amy Strasburg
9/30/2016UW Health Notifies Patients of Privacy Incident
9/27/2016Care Close to Home: A Cancer Patient's Story
9/22/2016Longtime Drummer Gets His Rhythm Back at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital
9/21/2016Carbone Cancer Center Employee Celebrates 55-Year Anniversary
9/20/2016Moving Cancer Research and Treatment Forward with Clinical Trials
9/13/2016Coffee Perks: Coffee Can be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
9/13/2016Is It OK to Work Out When I'm Sick?
9/08/2016Westside Community Market Moving to UW Health Location in 2017
9/06/2016Level I Trauma Centers and Burn Center Re-Verified by Prestigious Groups
9/01/2016Wisconsin and Michigan Challenge Each Other for Childhood Cancer Research
8/30/2016You're Not Alone: Solutions for Managing Pelvic Floor Disorders
8/25/2016In the Lab and in the Clinic, Mario Otto is Fighting Childhood Cancer
8/24/2016Governor Walker Helps Celebrate Latest Project SEARCH Graduates
8/24/2016UW Health Employees Volunteer for United Way's Days of Caring
8/22/2016New Study: Women with Dense Breasts Need More Frequent Screening
8/19/2016Keeping Your Skin Healthy as You Age
8/17/2016Exercise and Acne - How to Balance the Breakouts
8/17/2016Top 5 Sports Nutrition Myths
8/16/2016How Many Calories Did You Really Burn?
8/11/2016Men's Health: Are Moles with Hair Cancerous?
8/10/2016Back Pain? What's Good for the Heart is Good for the Spine
8/10/2016Good Skin Health in Your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond
8/09/2016Worried About Your Thyroid? Start with Your Family Doctor
8/03/2016UW Health Offers Free Physicals for Uninsured High School Athletes
8/02/2016Advancing Imaging to Improve Cancer Care Across Wisconsin
8/02/2016University Hospital Ranks in Top 50 Hospitals in 9 Specialties, No. 1 in Wisconsin
7/27/2016The Power of Presence
7/19/2016Why You Should Combine Certain Foods
7/18/2016Hair Care Advice We Can All Use
7/13/2016Water and Weight Loss
7/01/2016A Step Toward Healthier Cancer Survivorship
7/01/2016Can You Have a Baby After Cancer Treatment?
7/01/2016New Radiation Oncology Treatments Available on Madison's East Side
6/30/2016UW Health, UnityPoint Health-Meriter Exploring Joint Operating Agreement
6/29/2016UW Health Named 'Business Friend of the Environment'
6/28/2016Dietary Therapy to Reduce Epileptic Seizures
6/28/2016Statement Regarding Cologuard
6/22/2016How to Avoid Medication Interactions As You Age
6/16/2016How Much Sodium Should You Consume?
6/10/2016Exercise with a Plan If You Have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes
6/10/2016UW Health Employee-Directed Donations Benefit 66 Organizations
6/10/2016Why Adults Should Get Out and Play
6/09/2016Are You Healthy Enough for Sex?
6/07/2016Andy North and Friends Raise $1 Million for UW Carbone Cancer Center
6/07/2016UW Health Lauds Providers and Clinics for Patient Experience Excellence
6/06/2016Like Family: Burn Center Survivor Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Recovery at University Hospital
6/03/2016Advanced Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory to Improve UW's Treatments
6/03/2016Uncovering Sunscreen Safety Tips
6/02/2016Emergency Medicine Physician Contributes to "Playbook" on Antibiotic Stewardship Programs
6/02/2016Tanning Risks and How to Avoid Them
5/31/2016Med Flight Hosts Public Open House at New Remote Base
5/25/2016Tick Season in Wisconsin
5/23/2016Creating a Happy Home Life
5/20/2016UW Organ and Tissue Donation Honors 10 Hospitals for Maximizing the Gift of Life
5/19/2016Four Myths About Kidney Stones
5/19/2016Helping Teens Learn the Mental Aspect of the Game
5/19/2016Is the Mediterranean Diet Truly the Best Choice?
5/19/2016It Takes a Hospital to Throw a Wedding
5/18/2016Does Exercise Lead to Stronger Bones?
5/18/2016Free Hands-Only CPR Training This Week Across Dane County
5/18/2016Wrist Pain and Yoga
5/17/2016Shedding Light on Good Vitamin D Health
5/09/2016Full Circle Friendship: A Special Tale of Two Nurses
5/09/2016Med Flight Begins Service in Southwestern Wisconsin
5/06/2016Welcome to UW Health's New Chief Executive Officer, Alan Kaplan, MD
5/05/2016A Miracle Named Mae Margaret
5/04/2016Unity Health Plans Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan Merger Approved
4/22/2016Preventing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes
4/21/2016Take a Peek Into a Cardiologist's Pantry
4/20/2016Q and A with Health Coach Katie Schwartz
4/19/2016Five Common Freestyle Errors and How to Fix Them
4/19/2016Making the Most of Menopause
4/19/2016UnityPoint at Home, UW Health to Affiliate with Agrace HospiceCare
4/14/2016Debunking Common Cancer Myths
4/14/2016Eight Things You Should Know About Aging
4/14/2016Reducing the Burden of Cancer in Communities That Need it Most
4/14/2016Should You Participate in a Cancer Clinical Trial?
4/13/2016The Benefits of Journaling
4/12/2016Oncologists Should Promote the Cancer-Preventing HPV Vaccine
4/05/2016UW Carbone Cancer Center Joins Elite National Group
4/05/2016UW Health Recognized for Reducing Inpatient Blood Clots
3/24/2016Hospitals Earn Top Honors for Inclusiveness
3/23/2016UW Health Physicians Honored in Madison Magazine's 2016 Top Doctors Survey
3/22/2016Think Before You Ink
3/21/2016Facing the Fats: What's Best for a Heart-Healthy Diet
3/21/2016Four Reasons You Should Use Up Your Vacation Time
3/15/2016Dynamic Stretching Versus Static Stretching
3/14/2016A Personal Journey: Putting Sport Psychology to the Test
3/10/2016Why You Shouldn't Ignore Stroke Symptoms
3/08/2016Fitness As We Age
3/08/2016Five Reasons to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Fitness Program
3/07/2016Finding Love in Support of a Good Cause
3/03/2016Elizabethkingia Q&A with UW Health Infectious Disease Specialist Nasia Safdar
2/26/2016How to Manage the Cold and Flu
2/25/2016UW Voice and Swallow Clinics receives 2016 WSHA Salutes Outstanding Service Award
2/23/2016Training for a Race: When to Rest, When to Seek Care
2/22/2016Help for Chapped and Dry Lips
2/17/2016UW Health Offers Scholarships for Paramedic Training to Veterans
2/12/2016Learning the Languages of Love
2/11/2016Do Anti-Inflammatory Diets Really Help?
2/11/2016Five Myths About Heart Disease
2/11/2016Zika Q&A with UW Health Infectious Disease Specialist Nasia Safdar
2/09/2016Should Athletes Take Supplements?
2/09/2016UW Health Names New CEO
2/08/2016Is 20 Minutes of Exercise Enough?
2/05/2016Five Things to Know About Cancer Staging
2/05/2016Sexual Health After a Cancer Diagnosis
2/03/2016Events Highlight Impact of Alzheimer's Disease on African-Americans
2/03/2016Global Access to Medical Opioids for Severe Pain Still Lacking
2/01/2016Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling
1/25/2016Andrea Strayer Honored for Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing
1/19/2016Is Seaweed Good for Your Heart?
1/19/2016UW Health Med Flight Expands to Southwestern Wisconsin
1/15/2016Are Express Workouts Effective?
1/15/2016Debunking the Myths of Aging
1/15/2016Why Do You Want to be Healthy?
1/13/2016Why You Should Choose Courage Over Comfort
1/12/2016The Benefits of Sport Massage
1/12/2016When Minutes Matter, A Reflection on Life's Moments
1/08/2016Small Changes Add Up When Living with Type 2 Diabetes
1/06/2016Decades-Old Research is Basis for New Cervical Cancer Clinical Trial
1/06/2016Go Behind the Scenes at the UW Carbone Cancer Center Community Open House
1/05/2016Core Workouts for Winter Sports

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