News Archive 2012

12/28/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Purchases Best Western InnTowner Hotel
12/21/2012Donors Honored in Rose Parade
12/15/2012Dr. Mark Anderson: Resolutions You Can Keep
12/14/2012Dealing with Colds This Winter
12/14/2012UW Hospital Gives Back Through Employee-Directed Donations
12/11/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Stay Safe On The Roads This Winter
12/06/2012Pregnant Women Advised to Get Flu Shots
12/05/2012UW Hospital Named One of Nation's First Certified Comprehensive Stroke Centers
12/04/2012UW Health Doctors Say It's Never Too Late for a Flu Shot
11/28/20122012 UW Health Community Service Award Recipients
11/27/2012UW Health Radiologist's Personal, Professional Success Story Featured
11/20/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: How Do I Know If I'm Having A Negative Drug Reaction?
11/20/2012UW Health Belleville Family Medicine Clinic to Receive Award at Lambeau
11/20/2012UW Health Red's Riders Raise $37,199 For MS Research
11/15/2012Ohio Native Is New Doctor at UW Health's Eau Claire, Augusta Clinics
11/15/2012UW Health Neurosurgeon Featured on 'Forward Motion'
11/14/2012Team UW Health Raises $51,176 for AHA at 2012 Heart Walk
11/13/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Dark Chocolate, In Moderation, Can Have Some Benefits
11/09/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Recognized for "Higher Standard" of Heart Attack Care
11/06/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Falls Are Major Medical Concern
10/30/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: How Much Yogurt Is Needed to Get Benefits of Bacteria?
10/24/2012Message to Those with Bowel Diseases: Get Your Flu Shot
10/23/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: When To Remove Gallbladder
10/18/2012Reassurance for Patients Regarding NECC-Produced Products
10/16/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Mammograms Gold Standard For Breast Cancer Screening
10/15/2012A WISH for Women with Cancer
10/15/2012Jillian's Long Battle Against Crohn's Disease
10/15/2012Learning About Sexual Health After Cancer
10/09/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Consistency Is Key In Trying To Lose Weight
10/09/2012UW Health Sports Medicine Experts Offer Services on East Side
10/05/2012UW Medical Foundation and Physicians Plus Announce Agreement
10/02/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Physical Therapists Can Help Reduce Or Eliminate Pain
10/02/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Awarded for Innovations in Health Information Management
9/28/2012UW Health OPO Named Among Nation's Best
9/25/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Why Does Seventh Grader Need Tetanus Booster?
9/18/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: After a Year of Health Columns, Here Are Some Updates
9/18/2012Sports Medicine Program Gets Running Moms Back in Stride
9/18/2012UW Experts Offer Free Public Talks on PTSD, Mental Health Recovery
9/18/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Among Most Connected, Wired Hospitals
9/18/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Mother of the Year: Two Kids, 80 Staff and a Rowing Team
9/12/2012Environmental Services Department Named Best in Nation
9/11/2012Grant Regional Health Center Joins Growing UW Telestroke Network
8/28/2012Do Certain Football Helmets Prevent Concussions?
8/28/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Feet Pain Could Be From Getting Used To 'Five-Finger' Shoes
8/27/2012Putting the Puzzle Together: UW Cancer Center Fall Symposium
8/27/2012Reasons to Get Screened: Studies Show Virtual Colonoscopies Effective
8/27/2012Virtual Colonoscopy Screening Uncovers Silent Killer
8/23/2012Remembering Hailey: Rath Family Presented with Rose Bowl Parade Florograph
8/22/2012UW Health Providers Dominate Madison Magazine's Top Doctors Lists
8/21/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Is It Safe To Eat Fish Out Of Wisconsin Lakes?
8/14/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Treat Warts, But Don't Worry
8/07/2012Cancer Survivors on the Catwalk
8/07/2012Developing Healthy Relationships to Sports for Young Athletes
8/02/2012DAISY Award A Sweet Honor For UW Hospital and Clinics Nurse
8/01/2012American Players Actors Come to Madison for Voice Work
7/31/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Varicose Veins Not Uncommon, But Can Be Painful
7/26/2012Surgeon Dr. Greg Hartig Named to Robotic-Surgery Honor Roll
7/24/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Is It Bad To Drink Coffee Every Day?
7/20/2012UW Surgeon Hans Sollinger Honored With International Transplant Award
7/17/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Yearly Physical Beneficial For High School Student-Athlete
7/17/2012Groundbreaking Marks Start Of New Medical Center
7/16/2012Former McFarland Doctor Back Home at Yahara Clinic
7/16/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Named Top Hospital in Wisconsin
7/10/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: How Much Does Parent With Alzheimer's Remember?
7/09/2012Tree Tops Off New UW Health Digestive Health Center
7/05/2012Unity Launches New Value-Based Pharmacy Program
7/05/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Nurse Residency Program Receives Accreditation
6/26/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Take Precautions On Hot Days
6/19/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Blood Pressure Worries Pregnant Woman
6/12/2012Cancer and the Mind: The Psychology of Diagnosis and Survivorship
6/12/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Physician Can Tell You What's Best 'For You'
6/11/2012Madison's Favorite Nurses 2012: Nominate Your Favorite Nurse Today
6/08/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Construction Advisory
6/05/2012Andy North and Friends Raises $1 Million for Carbone Cancer Center
6/05/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Teen Drinking Still A Public Health Concern
5/29/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: How Can He Stop Hair Loss?
5/29/2012UW Health Recognizes Excellence with Physician Awards
5/22/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Awful Migraines Can Be Managed
5/15/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Should I Be Worried About Low Testosterone?
5/12/2012Don't Let Poison Hazards Ruin Your Fun in the Sun
5/12/2012Poison Primer: UW Health Children's Program Tackles Household Dangers
5/09/2012Finding and Keeping Your Motivation
5/08/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Should My Son Discontinue Nicotine Patch?
5/07/2012Tragic Theater: Alcohol, Drugs and Driving at Middleton High School
5/01/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Why Do Some People Sweat More Than Others?
4/24/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Fundraisers Don't Always Target Deadliest Diseases
4/19/2012UW Health Doctors, Nurses Offer Free Oral Cancer Checks April 25
4/17/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Doctors Assess Criteria Before Testing For Strep
4/17/2012UW Health Emergency Medicine Physician Named Director of the Year
4/16/2012UW Health Digestive Health Clinic Set to Open April 2013
4/13/2012UW Health Donates Computer Monitors to Madison Schools
4/10/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Proper Supplements Can Be Beneficial
4/04/2012UW Health Announces New Head of Cardiovascular Medicine
4/03/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Many With Herpes Show No Symptoms
4/03/2012UW Hospital and Clinics Named to "Best Companies for Hourly Workers"
3/27/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Why Does A Healthy Child Need To See Doctor Every Year?
3/23/2012UW Health Vascular Surgeons First in Wisconsin to Implant New Femoral Artery
3/23/2012UW Hospital Gets the BUGG: TLC Participates in Infection Prevention Study
3/20/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: What You Need To Know About Pap Smear Guidelines
3/13/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Fiber, Hydration Are Key For Regular Trips To Bathroom
3/09/2012Preparation, Teamwork and Technology Help Make Remarkable Care Possible
3/09/2012UW Health Wins Stroke Treatment Honors
3/06/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: What Is Causing My Knee Pain While Running?
3/06/2012Five Myths About Colonoscopies
2/28/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: What's This Red Thing On My Lip?
2/22/2012From Vietnam to Madison and Back: Dr. Cat Burkat
2/21/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Anxiety Medication Useful, Although It May Have Side Effects
2/17/2012One of Our Best Graduates Returns to UW
2/17/2012Unique Research for a Common Problem
2/14/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Why Is My Vitamin D Level So Low?
2/07/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Beta Blockers Have Side Effects
2/02/2012Key Up for Kids Set for February 11
1/31/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Recurrence Of Skin Cancer Depends On Many Factors
1/30/2012UW Health Doctor Named to Panel to Transform Health Care
1/27/2012UW Carbone Cancer Center Joins with Adams County to Study Cancer Patterns
1/26/2012SwedishAmerican, UW Health to Build Free-Standing Cancer Center
1/24/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: What exactly is dyspnea?
1/23/2012Top Honor for UW Hospital's Emergency Clinical Manager
1/17/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Why isn't my gastric bypass surgery covered by insurance?
1/10/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Is warfarin safe?
1/03/2012Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart: Preparation, motivation, support the keys to reaching goals
1/03/2012UW Health Fitness Expert Shows You How to Return to Exercise

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