UW Health Launches Menopause Clinic led by Nationally Certified Doctor

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Dr. Makeba Williams is a nationally-certified menopause specialist.

Madison, Wisconsin - Hot flashes. Night sweats. Irritability.


Menopause has a bad reputation and is often the punchline of jokes, but it's a normal process that affects half the population.


"Menopause gets a really bad rep," said Dr. Makeba Williams, UW Health Ob-Gyn and certified menopause practitioner. "There are so many myths associated with menopause. It's important to see a specialist who really understands the issues and knows the most effective treatments."


Led by Dr. Williams, a nationally certified menopause specialist, UW Health is launching its first menopause clinic. Appointments are available once a month at the 20 S. Park Clinic. The clinic is staffed by resident physicians and supervised by Dr. Williams. Availability will expand as demand increases.


Dr. Williams' experience includes helping women manage hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sexual issues related to menopause and bone health issues. She's also well-versed in the latest research about hormone therapy, natural supplements and the impact of lifestyle and attitude adjustments on symptom severity. Women don't need a referral and can continue to see their regular doctor for other health care needs.


"Treatment needs to be individualized," Williams says. "We want to take into account your symptoms, how severe they are and what other health risks you have."


Williams says the average age of menopause onset is 52 but it most often occurs between 45 and 55. She encourages women to lead a healthy lifestyle at all stages of their lives. She emphasizes menopause is normal, natural and not necessarily a problem.


"It's a time when you can thrive. Life expectancy for women is 80.3 years, so you have a lot of life to live beyond 50," said Williams. "My role is to help you live your healthiest life through menopause and beyond."


To make an appointment at UW Health's menopause clinic, please call (608) 287-2830.

Date Published: 10/25/2016

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