Managing Sleep Health During COVID-19

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Madison, Wisconsin - The COVID-19 pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of our lives, but one vital area has largely flown under the radar—our sleep. Sleep is critical to our physical and mental health, and recent data suggest sizeable increases in sleep disturbances that have occurred as a result of the pandemic.


UW Health wants the community to know there are ways to help improve the quality of your sleep during the pandemic, making you more resilient and better able to cope from a physical and mental health standpoint.


Many people have experienced increases in distressing dreams during the pandemic, changes in sleep-wake patterns, and difficulty staying asleep. Sleep disturbances can stem from a number of factors including changes in daily routine, changes in diet and exercise, increased time looking at screens during remote work and learning, as well as increased depression, stress, and anxiety that stem from social isolation.


If you’re experiencing difficulties sleeping, talk with your primary care provider. In certain cases, they may refer patients to Wisconsin Sleep, which offers comprehensive sleep medicine services for children and adults.


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Date Published: 05/27/2020

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