Managing Nutrition During COVID-19

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Madison, Wisconsin - Increased eating and alcohol intake are two trends UW Health registered dietitians are seeing during COVID-19.


With much of the population sheltering at home for the past few months, everything from work to school to leisure is taking place at home, often very near the kitchen. With all this time at home, especially during a stressful event like a global pandemic, it can be easy to slip into the habit of visiting the pantry or refrigerator out of boredom or to cope with stress or anxiety. This habit can quickly add up to what has been coined the “quarantine 15,” and it can be a hard one to break.


Tips to Reestablish Healthy Eating Habits


Consider these tips for reestablishing a healthier pattern during this time:

  • Drink water and stay hydrated, especially when hungry between meals
  • Try to stick to a meal schedule that worked for you in the past, as opposed to grazing
  • Practice mindful eating, appreciating the food and stopping when you are satisfied

Another trend is increased alcohol intake. Alcohol sales skyrocketed by 55 percent in late March and have sustained during the pandemic, which amplified existing stresses and created new sources of emotional and social distress. Public health officials are urging people to find alternative strategies for managing their stress, especially those predisposed to substance abuse.

  • Support groups are easily accessible online for those seeking help now.
  • Remember to consume alcohol in moderation (no more than 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men per day). Consuming more than that can increase the risk of complications with chronic diseases, sleep and stress.


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Date Published: 05/29/2020

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