Illinois Family Honors UW Health With Transplant Award

Mike Greiner and his wife Sheri present the My State Cares: Best Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Hospital Award to Dixon Kaufman, Chair of the Divison of Transplantation at UWHC.Madison, Wisconsin - The Greiner family of Illinois awarded UW Health with their My State Cares: Best Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Hospital Award.


The Greiners recenlty completed a national tour, visiting 49 states in the last year in their mission to spread the mission of organ, tissue and eye donation.


"This award comes not only from my own experience, but from numerous conversations across the country with other organ recipients about their surgery, care, protocols and follow up," said Mike Greiner, who received a kidney/pancreas transplant at UW Hospital and Clinics eight years ago.


"We also considered hospital success rates siting (United Network for Organ Sharing) data, as well as a number of visits and tours of transplant hospitals on our journey. Our decision was based on the sum of all these factors."

Date Published: 08/22/2011

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