How to Fit in Exercise This Winter

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff offer suggestions to help you stay active during the winter months when cold temps and icy conditions may make it difficult to stick with your routine.


  • Try to find the parking spot furthest away from the store entrance, instead of the closest
  • Experiment with a virtual drop in exercise class or yoga class – this may help reduce your stress as well. 
  • Take a walk or do an activity (hiking, skating, skiing, snow shoeing if weather permits) 
  • Find ways to stay active during the winter with tips from UW Health Fitness Center staff.Even when you are short on time – don't give up on your exercise routine. Feel free to shorten it – something is always better than nothing. 
  • Dust off that home equipment. With limited time try to be as efficient as possible and having a home option can be very helpful. 
  • There are lots of exercise apps and videos online. Find a yoga class, weight training or dance video and get moving. Find something that is the right activity level, close the curtains and go! Don't have weights? Try soup cans. 
  • Try taking a few extra turns up and down your stairs at home every day, and look for options to use stairs rather than an elevator when you're out
  • Go ice skating
  • Snowshoe, hike, walk or run at a local dog park with your pooch
  • Offer to shovel a neighbor's sidewalk or driveway - good deed plus exercise 
  • Turn on some motivating music and dance your way through cleaning 
  • Try cross country skiing or snow shoeing. They are great ways to enjoy a fresh snow fall and sunny, winter days.


Date Published: 01/16/2015

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