Hospital Begins Sterilization of N-95 Respirators

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Madison, Wisconsin - Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, N-95 respirators have been in high demand and there have been shortages on the federal, state and local level.


At this point, UW Health has an adequate supply of N-95 respirators. However, as a part of the ongoing preparedness plan, UW Health has begun sterilizing previously worn N-95 respirators for re-use should our inventory run low.


N-95 respirators are personal protective equipment that protects the healthcare worker from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face.


All previously worn N-95 respirators will be sterilized for re-use unless they are unserviceable (soiled, stained, or unidentifiable). UW Health uses Steris V-PRO MAX Low Temperature Sterilization which sterilizes with hydrogen peroxide vapor. This sterilization method was selected after a thorough data- driven validation process.


Dr. Jeff Pothof Explains Why N95s are Being Sterilized



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Date Published: 04/21/2020

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