Get Walking with an Online Pedometer Tool

woman walkingMADISON - Increasing your physical activity is a great way to take charge of your heart health, and walking is one of the best and easiest ways to get started.
Now, you can record walking routes, determine the approximate number of calories you'll burn and more with Google's Gmaps Pedometer feature.
Gmaps Pedometer - located at - easily calculates walking distances and corresponding caloric expenditure using Google Maps.
Here are some simple directions:
  • First, select the state and city you wish to use as your walking route from the boxes on top, then press enter on your keyboard or click the “go” button
  • Use the navigation tools on the left of the map to get to your starting point on
    the map. Single click the “Start recording” box on the left side of the page
  • Go to the map part of the page and find the area that you would like to use for a route. When you see the starting point you want to use, double click on that spot on the map. A red marker will appear at that point.
  • Continue double clicking to mark points along your desired route. (You'll need to set a marker at each turn in your route or street corner to let the program measure your path.)
  • As you mark your route, it should appear highlighted on the map. Red markers with a number will appear at each mile point.
  • When you have finished marking your route, return to the box on the left side of the screen. Total distance will be listed there. You can also estimate caloric expenditure by turning on the calorie counter and entering your weight.
  • Gmaps Pedometer also offers easy-to-follow usage instructions

So when you want to calculate the mileage of your favorite walking route, you don't have to hop in your car to get an estimate anymore. Just use the Gmaps Pedometer tool!


This article was written by Heather Grant, MS, UW Health Preventive Cardiology clinical exercise physiologist.


Date Published: 08/20/2007

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