March 13, 2023

Get Ready for Spring with These Fitness Tips

Two people riding bicycles on a sunny summer day

Spring is a great time to start getting your gear ready for spring and summer activities. UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff offer suggestions to help you get motivated and make the most of the longer daylight hours:

  • Tune up your bike. It's a great time to get your bike road ready.

  • If you haven't already, have your bicycle professionally fitted for you (the Cycling Clinic can help). You will be amazed by your improved comfort and efficiency.

  • Many spring bicycle "super sales" are happening in the coming weeks. Stop by one and check out how you can enjoy bicycling now more than ever!

  • Are you due for a new bike helmet? Best investment you can make. Remember, most helmets are certified for only a single accident.

  • Register for a spring 5k or 10k road race to help motivate yourself. Start with a simple training plan that allows you to add walking or running mileage slowly (1-2 miles per week), or look into getting your own personal training plan written for you (UW Health Sports Performance offers individualized coaching sessions).

  • Check out those running or walking shoes – replace your shoes after 300-500 miles of wear.

  • Remember that it's important to wear proper reflective gear when exercising outside in the early morning or evening. Treat yourself to some athletic wear that includes a reflective strip, or bright color.

  • Help get your dog in better shape by "training" with your dog. Start with some longer walks, then maybe advance to walk/running (walk 2-3 minutes/jog or run 1-2 minutes).

  • Take a walk or run through the zoo this time of the year – it is fun to see what the animals after a long winter.

  • Restring your tennis racket. It is almost time to move to the outdoor courts.

  • Pull out those golf clubs and consider an indoor or heated range. Perhaps a golf workshop or a trip are in order.

  • Consider a golf performance analysis with UW Health

  • Buy your state park annual sticker early and make the most of 2023. Many parks are open year-round and all will be opening soon. Get copies of maps for your local State and County Parks. Try to go to a new park every week to see what is blooming.

  • Pick a few new activities to try - kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, roller blading, disc golf are all fun ways to enjoy the outdoors. Some of the local outfitter stores often teach "how to" classes. Start checking out their schedules.

  • Shop for some sturdy hiking shoes and start to train for a challenging hike - both bluffs around Devils Lake are a great challenge. There are also apps that include maps to local hiking trails.

  • Clean out your garage so it is easy to access your bikes, kayaks, golf clubs and other outdoor gear.

No matter what your choice of activity moving outside with less clothing is always a treat after a Wisconsin winter.