Generations Fertility Care Designated Nursing Center of Excellence

CGenerations Fertility Care team members who completed the Nursing Center of Excellence requirements. Left to right: Vicki Slager-Neary, NP and Registered Nurses Jen Spredemann, Leah Cheever, Kim Atkinson and Laura Thibodeau.


Middleton, Wisconsin - Generations Fertility Care was recently designated a Nursing Center of Excellence by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).


The achievement signals that Generations nurses and nurse practitioners have completed specialized training in fertility care through ASRM. A clinic is eligible for the designation only if at least half of its nursing team completes ASRM’s comprehensive course. Participants also must have at least 2,000 hours of nursing experience with at least 1,000 hours in women's health care.


The Nursing Center of Excellence designation helps reinforce Generations' commitment and leadership in the fertility care specialty. Only approximately 8 percent of fertility care clinics nationally have completed the requirements. The training expands nurses' knowledge of reproductive health issues and strengthens their ability to educate patients about the complex array of infertility conditions and treatment options.


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Date Published: 12/09/2016

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