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Funk Out Cancer: Nov. 20


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MADISON - "Katie Gates" graduated from Arizona State University in 2000, and moved to Madison in 2001.
For a girl who only saw snowflakes on TV and in the movies, she thought she was going to freeze to death when she started her first winter.


Funk Out Cancer Concert: November 20


Over the next couple years, she settled into the Wisconsin lifestyle quite nicely, even adopting the Badgers, Packers and Brewers as her favorite sports teams.


She faithfully served Lutheran Social Services as a special needs adoption social worker. She loved serving kids in the foster care system helping them find permanent homes through adoption.

Her world was rocked when she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at the age of 29, one week after getting engaged to Al Falaschi, founding member of Phat Phunktion.

However, she refused to let that slow her down. Throughout chemo regiments every other week, what she could not do during the week she was on chemo, she more than made up for the week she was off. If you dared to look at her with sad puppy eyes, feeling sorry for her, she was quick to point out that you shouldn't, and that she was very much alive. Her energy was very contagious.

She eventually lost her battle on May 6, 2009. Laughing and living until the very end, she peacefully passed in her home with family, friends and her faithful dog Onyx by her side.

Friends were quick to remind her husband that she had asked that if she did lose her battle with cancer, that she wanted them to organize a memorial concert and donate the money to cancer research. Her husband Al stated that Kate was always the boss, and that she always got what she wanted.

Funk Out Cancer was organized to fulfill her wish.

Date Published: 10/28/2007

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