Five Tips to Keep Fit This Summer

UW Health fitness experts offer simple tips to stay fit during the summerMadison, Wisconsin - Summer is a great time to exercise. But, those long hot summer days with the high temperatures and humidity can be challenging.


You may be tempted to cut back on your regular routine, but with some simple tips, you can stay fit and prevent summertime from being a vacation from fitness.


Change the Time


From Our e-NewsletterBeat the heat and get outdoors early, or wait until evening when the temperature and humidity tend to be lower.


If you are out before sunrise or after sunset, be sure to wear reflective clothing and shoes to keep you visible.


Cool Off in the Water


Summer is the perfect season to use local lakes - swim, kayak, canoe or try paddle boarding. Check out the resources in your local community to see if there are rental options.


Use community or gym pools. Many have specially reserved times for lap swimming or adult swimming.


Join a water aerobics class or exercise on your own. Exercising in the water is low-impact and takes the pressure off of your joints and muscles.


Protect Your Skin


Use sunscreen every two hours when you're outside to protect against overexposure and reapply after swimming or sweating.


Schedule outdoor activities before 10am and after 4pm to avoide the sun's harshest rays.




Drink fresh water liberally throughout the day.


Take a bottle of water with you when you're outdoors to avoide dyhdration. It can be challenging to find water fountains when you most need them.


Workout Indoors


If it is too hot outdoors, join a gym, walk in the local mall or use your community center's workout room. Consider taking an indoor fitness class or even get fitness games for your gaming system.


Most of all, remember to have fun.


Join the Conversation


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Date Published: 05/29/2013

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