Fall 2019 Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator


A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout September:




Wisconsin Visual Artists


Autumn Lake by Ann Haberl Where: University Hospital Main Entrance, C5/2, and Display Cases

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: September 6 –October 4

Website: wisconsinvisualartists.org

Image: Autumn Lake by Ann Haberl


This exhibit represents artwork created by members of the South Central Chapter of Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA). The group is a not-for-profit membership-based organization of both 2-D and 3-D visual artists working in a wide variety of media. The South Central Chapter is based in the Madison area and is one of three chapters in the state.


Previously known as Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, WVA is the oldest juried member art organization in Wisconsin, founded in 1900





Mixed Media Art by Ryan Cain


Mixed Media Art by Ryan Cain

Where: University Hospital G5/1 Corridor
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: September 6 - September 30


Images: Mixed Media Art by Ryan Cain



















Paintings by C. Kung


Art Appreciation by C. Kung Where: University Hospital, J5/1 Corridor
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: September 5- September 29

Website: www.ching-kung-art.weebly.com

Image: Art Appreciation, C. Kung


Proceeds from sale in this exhibit will go to the Graduate Education Fund of the Genetics Department, UW-Madison.


C. Kung is the Vilas Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Emeritus, of UW-Madison and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.  He is also an associate member of Oil Painters of America.  With some 40 years of learning and practice, his paintings have been in private collections and exhibited at several venues in one-person or group shows.   He is interested in Western techniques in combination with Chinese-art sensibility. He is also interested in the visual physiology and psychology behind representational art.  Subject matters are eclectic, from classical still life to social commentaries. 


His work has won several awards including the 2012 Ada Biddick Award and 2014 Joseph E. Burk Award of the Wisconsin Regional Art Program’s State Exhibit.  It was selected and exhibited for the 2013 Museum of Wisconsin Art Member show.  A painting was also an entry of the Northern National Art Competition at the Nicolet Art Gallery in 2013.  He has also exhibited his work with the poems by Donna Carnes and Blair Mathews at the Pyle Center at UW-Madison in 2015 and 2016, and at the UW Hospital in 2017.



Life is Good: On the Road by Virginia Huber 


A Whole Hour for Slow Mo by Virginia Huber Where: University Hospital , 1st Floor, J3/1 Carbone Center Waiting Room 
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: June 27- September 19

Website: www.virginiahuber.com

Image: A Whole Hour for Slow Mo, Virginia Huber


“When I show paintings publicly, I choose the ones that are precise about what’s going on with the human moment I happened to notice – and as I personally learned from it.I see art that I do as somewhat of a memory stimulant for other people’s recollections.Many times, visitors relate back to me an entirely different moment that my painting suggested to them. Often, I leave backgrounds blank, when I think my own back story will get in the way of someone else’s own recall.I hope my art contributes in some way to your own life moment. The spectrum – as I see it - goes from just a momentary smile of recognition to any other moment.” – Virginia Huber



Cody Spurlock


Cody Spurlock holding Forest Lodge Library Where: University Hospital, 2nd Floor, Atrium Way near Atrium elevators
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: Aug. 7-Oct. 24

Website: https://seemyart.us/cody-s-gallery/

Image: Cody Spurlock holding Forest Lodge Library


Cody is a young man living with his family on the shores of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. Cody was diagnosed at age 5 with autism and has had challenges with verbal communication throughout his life. Cody excels in expressing himself visually, and he is sharing a collection of his work from age 10 on. Cody began drawing every train imaginable as a young boy. Now he takes joy in painting many subjects, guided by his artist and mentor, Sara Balbin, founder of See My Art, Inc. (SMART), located in Cable, Wis.











Traditional Indian Art by Poonam Rao


Mandala by Poonam Rao Where: UW Health at the American Center, 2nd Floor, American Bistro

4602 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, WI 53718

When: July 26-Oct. 29

Image: Mandala by Poonam Rao

Website: www.facebook.com/Celebrationsartstudio


This art exhibit by Poonam Rao celebrates a few art forms of India. Rao was introduced to learning art at an early age and continued to hone Indian tribal forms of paintings. She works with different materials like ceramics, pottery, acrylics, oils and mixed media. Rao is a local teaching artist.


The brown and white earthy dual toned paintings called Warli tribal art depict the typical village life and reverence to all forms of life. The mandala series composed of concentric circles, spirals and lines are inspired by the traditional art of henna tattoos as well as raangoli (ra-an-go-li) which are design patterns created with coloured sand at the entrance of homes. In some families this is a daily tradition and elaborate designs are reserved for festivals. Typically made of bright colored backgrounds in primary and secondary colors, the series has been adapted to suit both neutral and ethnic home decor themes.


"I hope you enjoy the exhibit. It is very fulfilling to hear viewer feedback. Please let me know your thoughts at celebrationsartstudio@gmail.com" - Poonam Rao




Positive Outcomes:
Abstract Paintings by Frank Matin Lawrence


Lake Reflecting Sky by Frank Matin Lawrence Where: Signe Skott Cooper School of Nursing, Enroth Hall

701 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53705

When: Aug. 1-Oct. 27

Website: frankmatinlawrence.com

Image: Lake Reflecting Sky, by Frank Matin Lawrence


Acrylic paintings by Frank Matin Lawrence, a retired nurse dealing with PTSD.

Date Published: 08/30/2019

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