The Ethiopian Project

The Ethiopian Project started with a UW Health vascular surgeon, Dr. Girma Tefera, the Principal Investigator on a grant awarded by the CDC using PEPFAR money to improve Emergency Services in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.


The project "twinned" the University of Wisconsin with Addis Ababa University and their Black Lion Teaching hospital.


In early July 2009, three Ethiopian physicians from AAU came to UW to begin planning how this was going to work out.


Then in August 2009, Dr. Tefera, Dr. Ryan Wubben and nurse Peter Rankin from UW went to Ethiopia in August 2009 to research and discuss emergency medicine in Ethiopia.


Read Peter Rankin's Ethiopian Project diary:


5/06/2010The Ethiopian Project
2/20/2010The Last Day
2/19/2010An African Adventure
2/18/2010Teaching Ethiopian Nurse/Medics Day 2
2/17/2010Teaching Ethiopian Nurse/Medics Day 1
2/16/2010The many challenges of working in an Ethiopian ER
2/15/2010Talking about Emergency Medicine
2/14/2010Arrived safe and sound
2/14/2010Exploring the city and countryside
2/12/2010Heading out


International Collaborations


In today's increasingly global world, international collaboration is on the rise. More than ever the barriers of distance and language are overcome for the benefit of science. International collaboration brings with it numerous benefits, not the least of which is a partner with a unique and different perspective. Through collaborative techniques, knowledge and training can spread from labs across the world to treat patients in distant locations.


Learn more about Dr. Tefera's collaboration with Ethiopian colleagues, as well as the many other collaborations within the UW Department of Surgery: International Collaborations

Date Published: 05/06/2010

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