Early 2020 Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator


A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout early 2020:


Madison Art Guild


Forest Dreaming by Linda MarkwardtWhere: C5/2 Surgical Waiting

When: January 4 – January 31

Image: Forest Dreaming by Linda Markwardt


Members of the Madison Art Guild (MAG) will be exhibiting recent work in the January Showcase. MAG is a nonprofit organization with over 100 members in South Central Wisconsin. The exhibit provides a wide-ranging selection of media and subject matter. You will enjoy pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, jewelry, photography and other media. Work will be both representational and abstract. The guild was founded in 1914 and is one of the oldest art organizations in Wisconsin. The show will run through the month of January. 









Art by Elizabeth Way


Artwork by Elizabeth WayWhere: School of Nursing

When: October 29-January 27

Website: https://mywatercolorblog.wordpress.com/

Image: Elizabeth Way


Elizabeth Way has been watercolor painting animals for 20 years. Find her work on Instagram: elizabethway8

She’s the author of “Watercolor Painting Animals: A Mindfulness Practice (Drawing, Sketching, Painting).”














Stephen Lang Photography


Where: Hospital Main Entrance

When: January 5 – January 31


I’ve been taking photos of Wisconsin wildlife for

over 40 years. Our home is adjacent to the Cherokee

golf course and marsh on the north side of Madison.

Many of my photos are now taken in my back yard 

including fox, coyotes, deer, raccoons, opossums,

skunks, woodchucks, squirrels, and numerous birds 

at my feeders





Photography by July David


Photo by Julie DavidWhere: The American Center (TAC)

When: October 31- January 28

Image: Julie David


“Traveling, learning, understanding, and teaching. These are principles that guide my passion for exploration. For me, photography serves as a lens beneath the surface. It is a personalized tool that carves out another dimension of relating to the world.


This body of work displays the inner sense of connection to animals, nature and people from the Indonesian Islands to deep within the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Its foundations are built on exploring what is typically overlooked, as well as the richness of culture that might not be seen or understood.


My work seeks to provide a voice to cultures and endangered species whom have been silenced. I believe photography serves as a pathway for greater learning as it creates a perspective of self in relating to the larger world.


Thank you for your time in viewing my work.” Julie







Jody Baird


Jody Baird Where: University Hospital J 3/1 Corridor

When: January 3- March 31

Image: Jody Baird


Jody Baird is a Michigan native who has lived in the Madison area for over 25 years. He enjoys making art from discarded/left over items and giving things a second life.  He works at UW Hospital as a surgical technician and lives in Middleton with his wife and two children.



















Paintings by Julie Vornholt


I have found myself by Julie Vornholt Where: University Hospital G5/1 Corridor

When: January 7 – January 29

Website: www.julievornholt.com

Image: I have found myself by Julie Vornholt


In these select paintings I have delved deeper into the different versions of myself through time. For the past few years through my work and personal experiences, I have felt as though a past depression defined me. I was stuck on this version of myself, relating current experiences and actions through what I went through during a dark time. I have been growing, unknowingly, for months even years now. I have pushed away the darker layers, though they are still crumpled in the corner, giving way to something lighter and self-aware. I have seen a glimpse of the confident young child I was, before the dark layers covered me. I have found a partner that has never defined me. I have been scared; I have been lost. But I have found her. I am becoming her.













Madison Russian School Students



Madison Russian School StudentsWhere: University Hospital Atrium

When: December 14 – January 23

Website: www.madisonrussianschool.org

Image: Madison Russian School Students


These beautiful winter landscapes are made by little students (7-11 years old) from the Madison Russian school art program. Kids found their inspiration in the art of famous Russian artists, nature, old traditions, and Russian folk tales. At the art classes instructed by Anna Krylova, students are learning how to express themselves and their emotions through art. Anna teaches using different techniques with various materials and every lesson children discover something new. The kids are excited to show you some of their artworks!








Art by Liubov Szwako


Zocalos Mural by Liubov Where: J5/1 Cafeteria

When: January 6 - January 29

Image: Zocalos Mural by Liubov


Liubóv Szwako made an unlikely journey about ten years ago, from his bustling hometown of Mexico City to the bright-eyed Midwestville that is Madison, Wisconsin. He was a blank canvas of sorts himself; uncertain of his future but dedicated to hard work and open to possibility. As he was grinding in the service industry, he encountered mentors and creatives who helped him identify his voice, giving way to his passion revealed. Once his hand met paint can, his penchant for doodling and self-taught graphic design morphed into the vibrant, texturized paintings, murals and street art we see from him today.


Liubóv became known for his work on discarded household items such as mattresses and large-screen TVs (even a heart-shaped hot tub), displayed prominently on curbs throughout town, stamped with his moniker @Triangulador. Notoriety was not his goal, however - he was merely seeking large canvases to practice on for cheap. His public interface has since provided many opportunities for collaboration and growth, as well as feedback from admirers that inspires him to push and explore further.


Whether a piece for the gallery, a new skin on an old building, or an item on the curb, Liubóv’s style is contemporary and impactful, featuring colorful punches of abstract geometry. Bravery, optimism and humor thread through both his philosophy as an artist, and his works manifested.



Liubóv’s mural work can be found throughout the greater Madison area, Milwaukee, and Clearwater, Florida. He has been interviewed for Telemundo Wisconsin, Isthmus.com, and Tone Madison, and is current



Date Published: 01/09/2020

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