Department of Motor Vehicles Pilots Organ Donation Awareness Program

DMV Pilots Organ Donation Awareness ProgramMadison, Wisconsin - When people are deciding if they wish to register as an organ donor, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the DMV plays a big role in increasing the number of registered donors.


According to national data, 96 percent of people sign up on the donor registry while at their local DMV. Both the Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) and Donate Life American collaborative regard their DMV initiatives as their main focus and a national Best Practice in increasing the number of registered donors.


Wisconsin has made great strides in quickly filling its new donor registry, but currently only 56 percent of Wisconsinites are legally registered as donors. Although the online registry has been an additional resource for increasing donor registrations, DLW is striving to make it easier to for people to remember the importance of registering while at the DMV.


Last summer a DLW/DMV workgroup, led by UW OTD community outreach member Mary Nachreiner, began working to collect feedback from DMV employees. They interviewed and gathered information from more than 160 DMV staff members at 28 different DMV service centers. From the information they gathered, the workgroup formulated a pilot program and is working to test it in a small number of DMV service centers. Results will be compiled and applied to a new program for all of the state's DMV service centers.


During their information gathering sessions, the DLW team shared thank you cards from area transplant recipients and donor family members who were affected by donation and transplantation. Several meetings included visits from transplant recipients, who shared their gratitude for the work being done to fill the donor registry at DMV centers. These cards and visits allowed DMV's leaders and staff members to experience first-hand the power that the decision to say yes to donation at the DMV means to people awaiting transplantation.


"The UW OTD, DLW and the DMV are all working together to create a better system to register more donors," said Nachreiner. "We're all very excited about this new and improved partnership, and the potential it has to save more lives."

Date Published: 06/19/2013

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