July 1, 2020

Daily Update: UW Health language access program essential to community during COVID-19

Madison, Wis. — Information regarding COVID-19 is evolving on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, and UW Health is ensuring that every member of our community understands what they need to know to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. UW Health locally has 88 nationally certified medical interpreters that provide services for 18 languages. In addition, UW Health can provide interpreter services in over 250 languages through its contract with a national interpreter services provider.

With most appointments moving to telemedicine, language access via UW Health’s Interpreter Services is an essential part of delivering the highest level of care to every person who needs it.

UW Health has translated signage in the hospital into Spanish, Hmong and Chinese. Those are the top three languages spoken by UW Health’s limited English-proficient patients and families. Our UW Health COVID 19 hotline is in English, Spanish and Hmong. Information on social media in is Spanish and American Sign Language. Information on the UW Health’s COVID 19 website and phone appointment reminders are translated into Spanish.

Un mensaje para nuestra comunidad hispanohablante

A Message for our Spanish-Speaking Community

Nuestra línea de información de COVID-19 de UW Health está disponible en español: (608) 720-5300

Daily Update: UW Health Language Access Program Essential to Community During COVID-19

How interpreter services is helping patients

UW Health Chief Diversity Officer Shiva Bidar-Sieleff, who is also a certified medical interpreter, explains how interpreter services have been involved in helping patients during telehealth visits.

Daily Update: UW Health Language Access Program Essential to Community During COVID-19