Daily Update: Efforts to Conserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


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Madison, Wisconsin – Conserving supplies of PPE, such as masks, scrubs and gloves is an important part of preparing for increased COVID-19 positive patient volume. UW Health has taken numerous actions to ensure PPE remains available for patient care, including:

  • Policies to conserve usage of PPE. Re-use and cleaning of face shields, extended use and proper storage of N95 respiratory masks, visitation restrictions.
  • Creative efforts to obtain new equipment – 3D printing of face shields, pharmacy school production of hand sanitizer, manufacturing chemical agents used to properly fit N95 respirator masks and facilitating donations of unused PPE from local businesses and individuals.
  • Consolidation efforts within our facilities to create efficiencies and centralized supplies of PPE, conserving it for coming weeks.

In addition, UW Health has obtained some PPE from the national strategic stockpile and continues to work with a large number of suppliers to identify and obtain additional PPE.


The Importance of PPE Conservation


Dr. Jeff Pothof explains why PPE conservation is so important and how UW Health is taking steps to ensure PPE remains available for patient care.



Fit Testing N-95 Respirators


Just wearing a mask isn't enough - it has to fit properly. Employee Health Services fit tests respirators with employees to ensure they are safe.


Date Published: 04/01/2020

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