COVID-19 Daily Update March 18: UW Health Increases Capacity for Telehealth and Virtual Visits in COVID-19 Response

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Information and FAQs

Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health’s message to the community on Wednesday, March 18:


UW Health is leveraging telehealth technology in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic while also addressing our community’s more routine medical needs and appointments.


UW Health’s telehealth program provides remote delivery of health services by using digital technologies to deliver medical care, health education and public health services that connect multiple users in separate locations. These programs allow our physicians and care teams to help patients and families in need of medical care, including some of our most vulnerable patient populations.

As always, we want to remind the public that BEFORE coming to your hospital or clinic, call ahead to your UW Health clinics, or send a My Chart message.


UW Health will continue providing a daily media update for the community throughout the COVID-19 response.

Date Published: 03/18/2020

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