Statement Regarding Cologuard

UW Health logoMadison, Wisconsin - A story in today’s Wisconsin State Journal may have created confusion around UW Health’s position on the use of the colorectal cancer screening test, Cologuard.


While it is true Cologuard is not currently in UW Health’s guideline of recommended colorectal cancer screening tests, based on an evaluation completed in August, 2014, UW Health physicians can and do use this screening on a regular basis.


The recently released United States Preventative Services Task Force Guidelines, which makes Cologuard a recommended screening modality based on available evidence and screening goals, will be closely examined by UW Health as we complete our routine periodic re-evaluation of our colorectal screening guidelines this year.


UW Health believes it is important to support and allow physicians the ability to work with our patients to determine the best course of care available to them in all situations including in colon cancer screening.


Through our own Center for Clinical Knowledge Management we help provide guidelines to assist them in making these decisions but we also fully support informed individualized shared decision making with our patients when it comes to deciding what to recommend for each patients unique situation.


We are very supportive of efforts like those by Exact Sciences (makers of Cologuard) and UW Health’s own virtual colonography screening program to create new and innovative ways to increase cancer screenings. In fact, UW Health has been a leader in the state of Wisconsin, with colorectal cancer screening rates of over 81 percent as measured by WCHQ (Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality). 

Date Published: 06/28/2016

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