UW Health Recognized for Reducing Inpatient Blood Clots

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The CDC has recognized UW Health's efforts in reducing hospital-acquired blood clots.

Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of eight institutions in the U.S. that have come up with effective ways to reduce hospital-acquired blood clots.


The CDC created the Healthcare-Associated Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Challenge Champions award to recognize hospitals, managed-care organizations and hospital networks that implemented innovative and effective ways to prevent blood clots.


UW Health created a pharmacist-led anticoagulation stewardship program, which created a blood clot prevention program for all University Hospital inpatients.


Since that time, the incidence of blood clots has been reduced significantly and in just the first year the program avoided $500,000 in excess costs and 128 excess inpatient days.


The CDC said the eight champions range from a small community hospital to some of the country's largest health systems. They represent both rural and urban areas.


Date Published: 04/05/2016

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