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UW Health Honors
University of Wisconsin Hospital and ClinicsMADISON - UW Hospital and Clinics has been named the top-performing academic hospital in the United States, based on a national benchmarking study by the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), an alliance of the top academic health centers in the U.S. and their affiliated hospitals.
The UHC top ranking puts UW Hospital and Clinics among illustrious company. Other hospitals that were in the top-performing group in the UHC study included: the Mayo Clinic, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City.
The study focuses on gauging quality and safe patient care. More than two-thirds of the 92 UHC member organizations were rated in four key areas:
  • Safety
    Based on 15 nationally recognized patient safety indicators and procedures
  • Mortality
    Comparing the actual rate to the rate that would be expected based on severity of patient illness
  • Effectiveness
    Performance on The Joint Commission core measures and other indicators such as surgical readmission rates
  • Equity
    Based on disparities in outcomes related to race, gender or ability to pay

While UW Hospital and Clinics ranked well in each of the areas examined, the hospital outperformed all other UHC organizations in the category of patient mortality - a factor many would consider the most important for patients when choosing a hospital. UW Hospital and Clinics also received the top composite score.


"Our ultimate goal is to be the safest hospital in the country and to provide the most advanced treatments in a caring and error-free environment," says Donna Sollenberger, chief executive officer of UW Hospital and Clinics. "These accolades will motivate us to stay focused on patients, on the quality and safety of care, and on efficient use of our resources."


The UHC study used a scoring matrix to evaluate specific quality and safety outcomes at each hospital, assigning each institution a numerical percentage score. Six of the top-ranked institutions received private site visits from UHC evaluators, who sought to determine the key organizational attributes that led to favorable patient outcomes.


Surveyors found that hospitals with strong leadership, a focus on service excellence, and a collaborative partnership between physicians, nurses and other care providers scored top marks.

Date Published: 06/06/2007

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