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University of Wisconsin women's hockey playerMADISON - Not only do food allergies drive families nuts, but allergies can also prevent them from attending sports events.


"Some people with food allergies can react by contact with just a minute amount of allergen," says Dr. Christopher Healy, a UW Health allergist. In some cases, peanut shells or particles at games or nut items sold at concession stands can be enough to trigger a reaction, or at a minimum, a feeling of being in an unsafe environment.


Healy is a medical advisor to the Food Allergy Association of Wisconsin (FAAW), which is partnering with the UW Athletic Department to offer two "allergy-friendly" Badger games.


"Reactions are often mild but some can be severe, even fatal. Staying away from foods that cause allergic reactions is the only way to ensure safety for people with food allergies," says Healy.


The games are the Sunday, January 10 women's basketball game and the Sunday, February 7 women's hockey game.


Healy says all the Kohl Center concession stands will remove foods that could cause allergic reactions including shelled and unshelled peanuts and all candy, caramel corn and ice cream that contain nuts. An ingredient list for the concession stands' most popular food items will be available.


In addition, no nut-related products will be sold in the stands. Sections 117, 118 and 119 also will get an elevated level of cleaning to ensure a safer environment for people with allergies to enjoy the games.


In addition to the special accommodations, families with food allergies are being offered a special ticket offer for each game. For this special event, adult tickets will be priced at $3 and $1 for youth/senior tickets. This offer is only available online at the Badger athletics Web site.


Enter promotional code ALLERGY to get the special ticket prices. The offer is not available on game day.

Date Published: 01/07/2010

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