A Century of Inspiration: UW School of Medicine and Public Health Centennial

UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Health Sciences Learning CenterMADISON - Biomedical research is so much a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison that it's hard to imagine a time without a medical school on campus.
There was such a time; UW-Madison was founded in 1849 but, despite the desire to establish one, there was no formal medical school for more than 50 years.
Finally, in 1907, the university established the College of Medicine - which consisted of four departments and offered only two years of study. Classes met in the attic of Science Hall.
Fast forward to 2007, the hundredth anniversary of what is now called the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The school has 26 departments, nearly 1,200 faculty, three locations on campus and more than 100 training sites throughout the state.
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health CentennialOne of the nation's leading engines of medical discovery, the school attracts millions of dollars annually in research funding. Its world-renowned faculty care for thousands of patients and families each day, while also teaching the next generation of leading medical minds.
Today, the latest addition to the school's presence - the Interdisciplinary Research Complex - is going up just east of UW Hospital and Clinics.
As the School celebrates "A Century of Inspiration," it also celebrates the community it calls home. You're invited to learn about the school, its programs, and its dedication to the advances of tomorrow. Visit www.100years.med.wisc.edu and help write the next chapter!

Date Published: 11/29/2007

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