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The Our UW Health (formerly @UWHealth) e-Newsletter features a broad range of topics about wellness issues that concern you and your family. Stay up to date on the latest treatments and developments, read stories from our patients and doctors, and find great tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.




May 2017: Bouncing Back from Burnout

April 2017: What's Behind That Healthy Label

March 2017: What Does Wellness Mean to You

February 2017: Heart-Healthy Breakfast Tips

January 2017: Creating Healthy Habits That Stick




December 2016: Tips for Exercising Outdoors

November 2016: It's a Mid-Life Transition, Not a Crisis

October 2016: Why Confidence Matters

September 2016: Should You Work Out When You're Sick?

August 2016: Help for an Aching Back

July 2016: The Power of Presence

June 2016: Get Out and Play

May 2016: Four Myths About Kidney Stones

April 2016: Eight Things to Know About Aging

March 2016: Why You Should Take a Vacation

February 2016: How Much Exercise is Enough?

January 2016: What is Your Health Purpose?




December 2015: Keeping the holidays bright

November 2015: Is an aspirin a day right for you?

October 2015: How to be Happy at Work

September 2015: Dealing with Adult Peer Pressure

August 2015: How to Find Reliable Health Information Online

July 2015: Get Outdoors - It's Good for Your Health

June 2015: Men - Don't Skip the Wellness Checkup

May 2015: Getting the Most out of Every Day

April 2015: Heartburn or GERD?

March 2015: Why a Good Laugh May be Good for You

February 2015: Does Your Favorite Cold Remedy Actually Work?

January 2015: How Do You Cope With Stress?




December 2014: Tips for a Healthy Holiday

November 2014: Want to be Happy?

October 2014: Making Sense of Nutrition Information

September 2014: Why You Should Go with the Flow

August 2014: Are You Too Sedentary?

July 2014: How a Bucket List Can Help You

June 2014: Stay Fit At Any Age 

May 2014: Tips for Healthy Eating All Day Long

April 2014: Will Allergies Be Worse This Year?

March 2014: Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

February 2014: Finding the Exercise That's Right for You

January 2014: Tips for Making Changes That Last




November 2013: Why Gratitude is Good for Your Health

October 2013: Tips for Talking with Your Doctor

September 2013: Practice Being Happy: Why It's Good for You

August 2013: Jump Start Your Day: Easy Breakfast Ideas

July 2013: Chia Seeds - From Pet to Superfood

June 2013: Tips to Improve Your Mood

May 2013: Three Tips to Shop Smarter, Save Money, and Eat Healthy

April 2013: How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink?

March 2013: Should You be Eating Super Foods?

March Special Message: How Healthy is Your County?

February 2013: Is Chocolate Good for You?

January 2013: Looking for Flu Relief? Try These Tips




December 2012: Managing the Stress of the Holidays

November 2012: Tips for Healthy Holiday Baking

October 2012: Why Mindful Eating Matters

September 2012: Learning to be Mindful

August 2012: Fight the Flu with Exercise

August Special Message: Keeping APT's Voices Healthy

July 2012: Is Coffee Bad For You?

July Special Message: UW Hospital Ranked #1 in Wisconsin

June 2012: Food for Thought: Diet Tips for a Healthy Mind

May Special Message: Improve Your Chances of Survival

May 2012: Seasonal Allergies? There's Help

April 2012: Keep Your Groceries Safe

March 2012: Healthy Tips for Eating Out

February 2012: Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

January 2012: Getting Back to Exercise