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Share Your UW Health Neurosurgery Story

If you've personally experienced Neurosurgery at UW Health or are part of a Neurosurgery patient's family, you can assist others by sharing your story.


Through the internet, newsletters and printed materials, the UW Health Neurosurgery team offers an opportunity for you to communicate these experiences to Neurosurgery patients and candidates, giving them a sense for what they might expect.


Through this testimonial, you can use your own words to share your thoughts and feelings about the experience - how it has changed your life, the people who assisted you in the process and how your story unfolded.


Most patient testimonials are 150-200 words, but we encourage you to write as little or as much as you would like. We will assist you with editing, using only first names of patients and, if you like, will include a photograph with your story.


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