Robin's Story

Robin Baldah of Madison has a family history of aneurysms.

I am adopted and have just recently been in close contact with my biological family. One thing I found out is that aneurysms are hereditary in my family. I was recently diagnosed with a small one. I suffered severe migraines until my 40s, another thing inherited from my biological family.


But what I wanted to share was my meeting with Dr. Robert Dempsey. What a wonderful man. He made me feel as if I was very important. He was kind and patient and took time to answer my questions. I know the risks of aneurysm and the outcome is not always good, but Dr. Dempsey made me feel as if it was OK. We would get through it together and that he really cared.


I have had some unpleasant experiences with brililant surgeons, so I was prepared to meet another arrogant, God-complex surgeon and the man I met was straight out of Marcus Welby, an old TV show. He helped dissuade my fears and anxiety. It is so nice to know that there are still doctors out there with compassion and make you feel you're in good hands and you feel like you can trust that person. Thank you Dr. Dempsey, it was wonderful knowing someone like you is there to help me.