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Jason Guttenberg's Story


Learn about how a trip to the UW Health Spine Clinic for what Jason Guttenberg believed to be a back problem led to Jason's brain tumor diagnosis and successful surgery.



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When Jason was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he and his buddies decided to change the focus of their annual golf outing. Hackfest, as the outing is now known, honors Jason by raising funds for brain tumor research. Two Hackfests are already in the books and they are looking at a third in 2012. Listen to Hackfest organizers and beneficiaries talk about their work.


Jason Guttenberg


Jason says million-dollar grants are few and far between but groundbreaking research can often be jumpstarted by smaller donations.

Charlie Wills


The former UW Badger basketball player says it was important to know the money he and his friends raised goes directly to research at the University of Wisconsin.

Mustafa Baskaya


The UW Health neurosurgeon express his gratitude to the Hackfest organizers and comments on how smaller amounts can translate to important work.

Marje Murray


The UW Foundation fundraiser says she loves working with UW Health physicians because they are grateful for the support they receive.