Deep Brain Stimulation Video Series


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UW Health neurosurgeons in Madison, Wisconsin, perform deep brain stimulation (DBS) for selected patients with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, tremor and other movement disorders.
For information about life after DBS surgery, see UW Health Neurology Program's videos about DBS Programming.


Overview of Deep Brain Stimulation: Who is a Candidate


UW Health neurosurgeon Dr. Wendell Lake discusses the Deep Brain Stimulation process in general including who are the best candidates.



Deep Brain Stimulation: Stages of Surgery


Learn more about the individual steps in the DBS surgery procedure..




Deep Brain Stimulation: Pre-Surgery Prep


For those who have decided to go forward with Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, this is a reminder about how to get ready as surgery time nears.




Deep Brain Stimulation: Post-Surgery Care


Learn more about what to expect during the time immediately following Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.




Deep Brain Stimulation: Surgical Summary


UW Health Neurosurgeon Dr. Wendell Lake explains the Deep Brain Stimulation surgical process and offers a few reminders.