What Is Neuropsychological Testing Like?

A neuropsychological evaluation at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin is recommended for individuals who display difficulties or changes in thinking, memory, speech, personality or other behaviors which are significant enough to Interfere with their daily living or development.


During your visit, you will meet with a Neuropsychologist. You will be asked about your medical history and the specific concerns that brought you to the neuropsychology laboratory. The doctor will also often spend additional time talking to your spouse, parent, child or other family members who accompanied you.


Most of your appointment will be spent working with a Psychometrist, who will do the testing with you. You may be asked to answer questions, read, write or draw. You may also complete procedures that will help the doctor understand how your illness or injury affects your mood, your personality or your coping skills.


You may be seen by the Neuropsychologist and have the testing by the Psychometrist on the same day or separate days. During the tests, your family members or friends will be asked to leave the roam.


Neuropsychological tests do not give you a "pass" or "fail" grade. We will simply ask that you do your best on all tests that are presented to you. This will allow us to collect accurate results that represent how you function in your daily life.


Information gathered from these tests helps the Neuropsychologist come to know your individual strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for your future care.