What Is A Psychometrist?


A neuropsychological evaluation at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin is recommended for individuals who display difficulties or changes in thinking, memory, speech, personality or other behaviors which are significant enough to interfere with their daily living or development.


What is a Psychometrist?


A Psychometrist is an individual who is highly trained in administering and scoring various tests that assess your neuropsychological functioning. Psychometrists work under the supervision of a licensed Neuropsychologist.




It is the responsibility of the Psychometrist to guide you through the examination. To ensure that the doctor reads accurate results, the Psychometrist will urge you to do your best on all of the tests that you are given.


The Psychometrist will give you standardized directions for each test but will also offer more explanations as necessary. We also want you to be comfortable and relaxed, so breaks will be offered whenever they are needed.