Muscle Biopsy

The Muscle and Nerve Laboratory at University Hospital prepares frozen sections of muscle tissue on every muscle biopsy specimen received. The standard panel of 14 stains includes: 

  • H & E
  • Modified Gomori Trichrome
  • NADH
  • ATPase at pH 4.3, 4.6. 9.4
  • Acid Phosphatase
  • Nonspecific Esterase
  • PAS
  • Oil Red O
  • Myophosphorylase
  • Cytochrome C Oxidase
  • SDH
  • Congo Red

Further special stains and immunohistochemical stains are available as indicated on a per case basis. Additional muscle tissue is routinely fixed for electron microscopy studies. Extra frozen muscle tissue is also archived for future analysis. 


Muscle-H & E


Muscle biopsy H & E 




Muscle biopsy - NADH 


Muscle-Modified Gomori Trichrome


Muscle biopsy Modified Gomori Trichrome