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American Family Children's Hospital

Muscle Biopsy

The Muscle and Nerve Laboratory at University Hospital prepares frozen sections of muscle tissue on every muscle biopsy specimen received. The standard panel of 14 stains includes: 

  • H & E
  • Modified Gomori Trichrome
  • NADH
  • ATPase at pH 4.3, 4.6. 9.4
  • Acid Phosphatase
  • Nonspecific Esterase
  • PAS
  • Oil Red O
  • Myophosphorylase
  • Cytochrome C Oxidase
  • SDH
  • Congo Red

Further special stains and immunohistochemical stains are available as indicated on a per case basis. Additional muscle tissue is routinely fixed for electron microscopy studies. Extra frozen muscle tissue is also archived for future analysis. 


Muscle-H & E


Muscle biopsy H & E 




Muscle biopsy - NADH 


Muscle-Modified Gomori Trichrome


Muscle biopsy Modified Gomori Trichrome