Huntington's Disease Clinic


To schedule an appointment, please call:

(608) 263-5442


Huntington's Disease Clinic Location

UW Health at The American Center

The Huntington's Disease Society of America has awarded UW Health's Neurology Clinic the Center of Excellence designation, the first such recognition in the state of Wisconsin, and one of 40 centers around the nation.


The Level 3 designation means our clinic supports you with multidisciplinary services provided by neurologists, nurses, a social worker, a speech therapist and medical assistants. We also provide education and work with local support groups. In addition, UW Health will offer clinical trials for Huntington's disease.


Preparing for Your Huntington's Disease Clinic Visit


To help you better prepare for your clinic visit, please review the following information. This comprehensive list outlines health care providers you may encounter at a typical clinic visit and what to expect. Your visit with us may or may not include all of the services listed here. Thank you for choosing the UW Health Huntington's Disease Clinic as your health care provider.


Please allow approximately two hours for your initial clinic visit.


Electronic Medical Record Update


A medical assistant (MA) will take you from the waiting area to your clinic room. The MA will then update your current medications and health status in your electronic medical record.


Huntington's Disease Society of America Center of ExcellenceProvider Visits



You will be seen by a neurologist who will perform a history and physical examination. If you have old records, they will be reviewed. The neurologist will assess your case and make recommendations regarding medications or other therapies. If available, research studies will also be discussed. You will have an opportunity to ask questions.


Speech therapist:

The speech therapist will assess your thinking, memory and communication abilities. The therapist may make recommendations to improve these functions and will also determine if a formal assessment of your swallowing is needed.


Social worker:

The social worker will meet with you at your first visit to provide information and support about programs that may benefit you, including applying for disability, planning for future decision-making and financial needs, arranging home care services, finding patient day programs and transitioning to extended care, if needed.


Treatment Options




Certain medications may help in controlling involuntary movements or with depression, anxiety or irritability. Confirm that the prescribing doctor knows what other medications and supplements you are taking.


Physical Therapy


Physical therapy helps with strength, walking and balance. You may schedule a physical therapy appointment at any provider covered by your insurance. The neurologist will write orders to help the physical therapist design the proper therapy for you.


Referral to Other Health Care Providers


Contact information for other health care providers, listed above under Provider Visits, will be given to you at your clinic visit. Appointments may be scheduled at the Huntington's Disease Clinic checkout desk, or you may be directed to schedule them on your own.


Follow-Up Appointment


Follow-up appointments will be scheduled at the end of your clinic visit. If you would like to schedule your appointment by phone, please call (608) 263-5442. Any doctors' orders will be sent electronically