Using MyChart to Access Another Medical Record

You can use MyChart to access the medical record of another family member (such as a child, parent, spouse or partner), or a close friend, through a MyChart feature called “proxy.” Other accounts that you have access to will appear in your personal MyChart portal. You need to have a MyChart account to get proxy access to someone else’s account. If a family member needs a MyChart account, there is a ‘Sign Up Now’ button on the main UW Health MyChart page.

To Request Proxy Access

To request access to another account, log into MyChart and then select the “Request access to another account (proxy)” link under Quick Links located near the upper right-hand corner of the main MyChart page. Follow the instructions.

  • Biological and adoptive parents may request access to children under age 18 using an online form within MyChart; these requests are normally processed within two business days.
  • Licensed foster parents and court-appointed legal guardians may request access by completing a paper form (available within MyChart as you proceed thru the proxy request online form) and providing additional documentation as described on the form.
  • To request access to another adult, such as a spouse, parent, or other family member, complete a paper form (available within MyChart as you proceed thru the proxy request online form). In most cases access to another adult requires signatures from both parties.

In all cases, access to another person's MyChart account is strictly controlled and only granted with appropriate authorization and consent forms on file. All requests are reviewed by medical records staff and are normally processed in 3-5 business days.

What Can You Do With Your Access?

Once access is granted, you can access the proxy account(s) through via an icon on the main navigation page, just to the right of your profile icon, but in a different color. For children under 12 years old and adults, the experience is basically the same as your own MyChart experience - you may send messages to providers, schedule appointments, view upcoming and past appointments, pay bills, view immunization records, test results and more.

If you’d like to use the messaging feature for a proxy, make sure you send messages via the proxy account and not your own account. Also, when sending a message from your proxy account, the system identifies that message as coming from the proxy account, so the caregivers are aware that the message is coming from the proxy account.


Proxy Access and Children Older Than 12 Years Old

When a child turns 12 years old, there is an automatic change to the information available through MyChart proxy access.


Parents/guardians can still see allergies, health reminders, most medications, immunizations, most test results, most future appointments, and access to the messaging features; however, UW Health wanted to ensure that teenagers could schedule an appointment privately, if needed. Therefore, certain visits deemed sensitive by the provider will be suppressed from the medical record to fulfill the intent of providing a safe place for a teen to seek care and guidance. This includes what are considered sensitive medications and lab tests, such as antibiotics in the medications list and/or test results for a urinalysis.

When a child turns 18 years old, their original MyChart accounts will automatically be deactivated by the system and they will need to request a new adult MyChart account. The information from their pediatric records will carry over once the new account is activated. Proxy access is also automatically deactivated for the account. If your child wishes to grant you proxy access, you need to complete the same process that you would for a spouse or other family member.