Happy Together in MyChart

You can now use MyChart to view your health information from other organizations where you and your family receive care through a new feature called Happy Together. That means, if you receive care at different organizations, you no longer have to log into multiple MyChart accounts as long as those organizations have also implemented Happy Together.

How Happy Together Works

When you log into your UW Health MyChart account, you will be able to see information from other healthcare organizations where you receive care. The information you’ll be able to see includes:

  • Allergies
  • Care Team
  • Health Issues
  • Medications
  • Messages
  • Test Results
  • Visits

When your MyChart accounts are connected, you will be able to send messages to your healthcare provider at any of the locations where you receive care. It’s convenient and easy to manage your healthcare needs from a single system.

How Happy Together Looks in MyChart

Once you are logged into you MyChart account, in the upper right of the screen you will see icons for the other healthcare organizations that are linked:


Screenshot showing where the Happy Together icon appears in MyChart



Note: If there is a broken link icon, it means you do not have a MyChart account with the other organizations. If you do not have an active MyChart account with the other organization, you will still see health issues, medications and allergies, but you won’t be able to message providers at the other locations or see information related to your test results and visits.

Information from other healthcare organizations is marked with an icon: Happy Together icon that appears in MyChart


If you hover over the icon, you will be able to see where the information came from. The following is an example of an appointment listing. In the bottom right corner is the Happy Together icon and when you hover over it, a pop up appears showing where the information came from.


Screenshot from MyChart showing where the Happy Together icon appears

Keep in mind, different organizations may have different processes for releasing lab results and similar information. Using Happy Together doesn’t change what information you can see or when you can see it.

How to Start Using Happy Together

It is up to you whether you would like to link accounts. If you have information from another healthcare organization, you will see a screen asking if you would like to connect your accounts. If you change your mind about linking your accounts, you can remove the link any time by going to Settings > Manage My Accounts and uncheck the Connect Account button.