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American Family Children's Hospital

Auto-Release of Test Results in MyChart

To provide our patients with timely access to their healthcare data we are releasing results to MyChart sooner than in the past. Beginning July 1, most general laboratory results released at 7am the next morning after the result is final, and general radiology results will be released two days after the result is final. Other tests will be released on the schedule below.


Due to the shorter timeline, you will often see results before your provider. When your provider reviews your results he or she may add a comment to the result, and you will receive a new notification that your result has been updated. As always, if you have questions about a result, please contact your clinic.


MyChart Auto-Release Times
General Labs Next morning at 7am
General Radiology Impressions 2 Days
Advanced Imaging (MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound, etc.) 4 Days
Microbiology 4 Days
Pap Smear 4 Days
Genetic Markers 14 Days


30 Days
Diganostic HIV 90 Days
Echo, Myoview, ECG, EEG, Sleep Studies Not auto-released