Minimally Invasive Procedures

UW Health surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible. Minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits to patients, including less pain, shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to the lifestyle to which they're accustomed.


What types of minimally invasive surgery do we perform?


Bariatric/Foregut Surgery

Learn more about Bariatric/Weight Management Surgery and General Surgery at UW Health.


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Cardiac/Cardiothoracic/Thoracic Surgery



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Colorectal Surgery

Learn more about Colon and Rectal Surgery at UW Health



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Endocrine Surgery

Learn more about Endocrine Surgery at UW Health



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Hand and Upper Extremity

  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Mini-open carpal tunnel release
  • Endoscopic cubital tunnel release
  • Wrist arthroscopy with arthroscopic debridement
  • Elbow arthroscopy with arthroscopic debridement
  • Shoulder arthroscopy with arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

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Hepatobiliary Surgery

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All aspects of neurosurgery use minimally invasive techniques, when appropriate.

Learn more about Neurosurgery at UW Health



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Obstetrics and Gynecology


Hysteroscopic uterine surgery for:

  • Biopsy or polyp removal
  • Ablation
  • Fibroid removal
  • Fallopian tube occlusion (sterilization)
  • Foreign body removal
  • Diagnostic
  • Adhesions
  • Division/resection of septum 

Laparoscopic or robotic surgery for:

  • Fibroid Removal (Myomectomy)
  • Presacral neurectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Lesion removal
  • Ovarian cyst removal
  • Ovarian remnant removal
  • Vaginal suspension (sacral colpopexy)
  • Tube(s) and/or ovary(ies) removal
  • Tubal ligation/sterilization
  • Tubal opening/reconstruction (tubal reanastamosis)
  • Ectopic pregnancy (outside the uterus)
    • With/without removal of tube and/or ovary
  • Excision of endometriosis 

Vaginal surgery for:

  • Pelvic repair (i.e., colpopexy, colporrhaphy, anterior/posterior repairs, etc.)
  • Incontinence
  • Hysterectomy
    • With or without tube(s) and/or ovary(ies)

Laparoscopic, robotic or single-site surgery for the treatment of diagnosed or suspected cervical, uterine, vulvar or ovarian cancer as well as gestational trophoblastic disease:

  • Oophorectomy (or salpingo-oophorectomy)
  • Radical trachelectomy
  • Simple or radical hysterectomy
  • Lymph node dissection, lymph node debulking,  lymphadenectomy or sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Cancer staging/debulking
  • Ovarian transposition (prior to radiation for maintenance of ovarian function)

Learn more about Obstetrics and Gynecology at UW Health



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  • Percutaneous treatment of certain  bone and soft tissue tumors
  • Metastatic (cancerous) lesions to the long bones, spine and pelvis

Learn more about the UW Carbone Cancer Center


Orthopedics/Sports Medicine

  • Hip surgery:
    • Repair, reconstruction and debridement of labral tears
    • Removal of bony impingement 
    • Tendon releases (iliopsoas)
    • Repair of hip abductor and hamstring muscle and tendon tears
    • Greater trochanteric bursectomy
    • Tendon lengthenings (iliotibial band)
    • Removal of loose intra-articular fragments ("loose bodies")
    • Reduction and internal fixation of acetabular lip fractures
    • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder surgery:
    • Rotator cuff repair
    • Shoulder stabilization and labral surgery
    • Acromioplasty and Mumford procedures
    • Bicep tenotomy and tenodesis
    • Removal of loose bodies
    • Synovial disorders of the shoulder
    • Shoulder infections
    • Subacromial decompression
    • Distal clavicle excision
    • Rotator cuff repair
  • Knee:
    • Meniscus surgery
    • ACL, PCL reconstruction
    • Cartilage restorative procedures
    • Synovial disorders of the knee
    • Removal of loose bodies
    • Knee infection
    • Knee replacement
    • Knee arthoscopy
    • Tibial spine avulsion fractures

Learn more about Orthopedics and Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at UW Health


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Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery

Learn more about ENT/Otolaryngology at UW Health



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Pediatric Surgery

  • Laparoscopic procedures:
    • Nissen fundoplication
    • Gastrostomy button insertion
    • Appendectomy
    • Cholecystectomy
    • Splenectomy
    • Adrenalectomy
    • Colectomy
    • Intestinal resection
    • Repair of intestinal atresia
    • Pullthrough for imperforate anus
    • Pullthrough for Hirschprung's disease
    • Diaphragmatic hernia repair
    • Resection of choledochal cyst
    • Ovarian procedures
  • Single-incision procedures:
    • Appendectomy
    • Cholecystectomy
    • Splenectomy
    • Ileo-cecal resections for Crohn's disease
  • Thoracoscopic procedures:
    • Pulmonary lobectomy
    • Lung resections and biopsy
    • Repair or tracheosophageal fistula
    • Esophageal procedures
    • Diaphragmatic hernia repair
    • Bronchogenic cyst resection
    • Esophageal duplication resection
    • Thymectomy
    • Tumor resection and biopsy

Learn more about Pediatric Surgery at American Family Children's Hospital/UW Health



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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Endoscopic migraine surgery/nerve decompression
  • Endoscopic Carpal tunnel surgery
  • Endoscopic craniofacial surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery that is minimally- or non-invasive: lasers, injections and liposuction
  • Percutaneous release of Dupuytren's contractures
  • Percutaneous release of trigger fingers
  • Arthroscopic repair of ulnar-sided wrist ligament injuries (TFCC)

Learn more about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UW Health



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Robotic Surgery

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Spine Surgery

  • Spinal stenosis operations (laminectomy, laminoplasty, minimally invasive decompressions)
  • Anterior, lateral (XLIF, DLIF, LIF) and posterior spinal fusions
  • Artificial disc replacement (cervical disc arthroplasty)
  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
  • Foraminotomy (cervical and lumbar)
  • Complex and revision spinal surgery
  • Microdiscectomy (usually an outpatient procedure)
  • Minimally invasive spinal fusion
  • Spinal deformity (scoliosis, kyphosis) correction and instrumentation
  • Stabilization of spinal trauma using minimally invasive techniques
  • Thoracoscopic spinal canal decompression
  • Decompression and stabilization of spinal tumors
  • CT-guided spinal instrumentation
  • X-Stop procedure

Learn more about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Spine Medicine at UW Health



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Surgical Oncology

  • Robotic whipple  
  • Laparoscopic whipple
  • Distal pancreatectomies
  • Laparoscopic liver
  • Surgeries of the esophagus

Learn more about the UW Carbone Cancer Center



  • Laparoscopic peritoneal dialysis catheter placement
  • Laparoscopic lymphocele drainage
  • Laparoscopic nephrectomies for donors or for renal cell cancers
  • Laparoscopic liver resection
  • Laparoscopic cyst fenestration
  • Laparoscopic ablation for liver tumors
  • Robotic donor nephrectomy

Learn more about Transplant at UW Health



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Learn more about Urology at UW Health



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Vascular Surgery


We offer the full range of minimally invasive treatment for all vascular disorders.


Learn more about Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Care at UW Health



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