Laparoscopic Ileostomy and Clostomy Creation or Takedown

UW Health surgeons at UW Hospital and Clinics perform fecal diversion procedures called a laparoscopic ileostomy or laparoscopic colostomy creation.


An ileostomy creation is a procedure that connects the ileum to the skin through an opening in the abdomen that the surgeon creates. A colostomy creation is a procedure that connects a portion of the colon to the skin after it has been brought through the abdominal wall. Waste is redirected through this opening and will vacate into an external bag. An ileostomy or colostomy may be permanent or temporary, depending on the patient and the reason for the stoma creation.


In cases when the stoma is temporary, surgeons can perform a laparoscopic stoma takedown procedure. The takedown procedure is performed only after a patient is fully recovered from the original procedure, which can take anywhere between several weeks to several months. This procedure restores normal digestive and fecal defecation processes.