Behavioral Health Services Frequently Asked Questions

UW Health Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Madison, Wisconsin, provides assessment and treatment to patients seeking assistance with mental health concerns. We offer many programs and work with community organizations to ensure our patients receive the best care for their needs.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our programs and services:


What behavioral (mental) health concerns does UW Health treat?

Who can benefit from mental health treatment?

What is mental health treatment?

What treatments are offered for mental health concerns at UW Health?

Where is mental health treatment offered at UW Health?

How do I know when to seek mental health treatment for myself or a loved one?

What if I'm feeling suicidal, or I'm worried that my loved one is thinking of taking their life?

How do I talk to my loved one about getting treatment?

Is my mental health care confidential?

Who will be providing treatment?

Who can come with me to my initial appointment?

What will happen when I arrive?

How long is a typical appointment?

How long will I be in treatment?

What can I do if my provider is not a good fit?

Where do I begin to get started with mental health care?

How do I know if my insurance will cover mental health treatment?

Where can I go if I don’t have insurance and can't afford to pay out of pocket?

What if I need help with transportation, food stamps or other social needs?