LAUNCH: A Young Adults Group for Anxiety and Depression

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Anne Totero, MS, LMFT

(608) 232-8200

(608) 232-3171

If you're a young adult - or someone you love is - and looking to build independent living social skills, individuality, identity and at the same time learn how to manage mood disorder symptoms long-term, LAUNCH is a group that may help.


About the Group


LAUNCH is for 18 to 30 year olds with diagnosed mental health conditions who are moving on after high school, college or just starting their careers and beginning to live independently from their families. 


This specific group focuses on depression and anxiety and how to manage and develop daily living skills, manage finances and maintain social skills for personal and job-related situations. We'll discuss creating personal resource lists in the community where you can turn for help and learn more about mood disoders, self-care and incorporating caretakers in the process to help maintain independence.


Social skills, exposure, art and experiential therapies, as well as CBT-based (Cognitive Based Therapy) concepts of mood tracking, behavioral activation and introductory CBT concepts will be used.


Meeting Dates and Times

  • Mondays, 4-6pm
  • 12-week sessions



Behavioral Health and Psychiatry Clinic
2275 Deming Way, Suite 180
Middleton, WI 53562


To Register and for More Information


Contact Anne Totero, MS, LMFT at (608) 282-8200 or (608) 232-3171 for information and to register for an upcoming session.